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June 4, 2023

Want to Stop the Clock on Your Skin’s Aging? With ÉLÉVATIONE, You Can!

ÉLÉVATIONE is a leading, international, boutique experience brand that provides luxury skincare products to women in exclusive locations across the globe, from London to Hong Kong and Singapore. Viewing beauty as art and women as masterpieces, the ÉLÉVATIONE team refuses to succumb to the principle of “aging with grace.” Instead, inspired by the surreal artwork of Salvador Dali and through its rich, naturally-infused formulas and spa facial treatments, the company seeks to not only stop time for the female skin aging process, but to reverse it, thereby empowering women to control their looks, and their destiny.

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Time now stops for all

ÉLÉVATIONE was born of the idea that beauty is far more than skin deep, but rather is an expression of self-confidence and self-worth that radiates from one’s skin. The company’s Singapore stores were historically located in just three of the country’s trendiest and more exclusive private members clubs and hotels, such as the Marina Bay Sands, 1880, and Mandarin Orchard. Prestigious locations for the country’s upper elite. However, to truly embody the principle of female empowerment upon which the company was founded, ÉLÉVATIONE products (and treatments) will now be readily available – and affordable – at major locations across the country, as well as via the company’s website.

For the first time, women of all walks of life will be able to indulge their skin with the top-quality products and spa care that look, feel, and smell smooth and regal. They will now be able to access premium skincare cleansers, moisturizers, serums, masks, and more, and preserve, restore and repair their youth. In this way, ÉLÉVATIONE is inviting its new and expanded customer base to experience time on their own terms.

Banish pigmentation for a brighter face & future

Enjoy brighter, radiant-looking skin with ÉLÉVATIONE’s premium line of brightening products and treatments. Designed to naturally even the skin tone appearance and deliver a healthy-looking radiance, the company’s pigmentation protocols contain the best, natural ingredients, such as moisturizing shea butter, antioxidant-rich grape seed oil, and vitamin C, known for its ability to even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of age spots and banish pigmentation.

Special limited offer – Sign up while it lasts!

In honor of the company’s expansion into new, more accessible markets, the first 50 women who call and book a spa facial treatment will benefit from a highly reduced initial consultation cost – just $49 – and will get to enjoy the luxury that is an ÉLÉVATIONE treatment, for FREE. Do not miss this opportunity to stop time, own your youth, and regain the confidence you need to take on the world.

Get Your Free Starter Kit And Discounted Voucher for Facial Trial At Only $49 ($208 Value!)


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